Le château.

Château Croix de Labrie is located in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru which inevitably think of Burgundy and its mosaic of plots and producers. Indeed, our vineyards cover around 10 acres in the heart of the appellation.

We pay particular attention to the vine in order to express the maximum of the terroir. The vineyard is handled by Axelle Courdurié, as a small diamond, from pruning to the harvest, the vinification and ageing with the guidance of the team of Michel Rolland and Hubert de Bouard. Very mindful of detail, accuracy Axelle brings her feminine sensitivity to all our wines from Croix de Labrie.

The plots are located on Badon (near Pavie), St. Sulpice (beside the first parcel of Valandraud) and Saint Christophe des Bardes, on the famous plateau with arteries limestones, beside our cellar (dating from 1687). The terroir of Badon is composed of sand and clay with a basement limestone. Soil drainage, brings us finesse. The St. Sulpice compound is serious with clays which cause more depth and density. And finally, the plateau, Saint Christophe des Bardes on clay-arteries limestone soil bringing complexity and density. The vines are more than 90 % Merlot, we have a few rows of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

100% organic certified, we work the soil , plowing, pruning in double guyot. The goal is to have a balanced of 6 bunches per feet, with a density of 6000 vines/hectare. Stripping, green harvesting and against stripping before harvest to mature.

Only the matured grapes are harvested, resulting in extremely low yields: 25hl/ha. Again, accuracy, detail. The harvest is manual, with small crates to avoid damaging the grapes. Several passages in rank to pick only the ripe grapes.

The grapes are sorted by a vibrating table and then we manually sort and select grain by grain. Then the grapes are going by gravity to small vats which are temperature control. The wine is made in small tanks so that to work small amounts of juice and hence be strict on the selection. All is handcrafted and also hand-pushing.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, malolactic fermentation is made in new barrels of French oak, medium toast long. Once malolactic completed: ageing in new barrels continues for at least 18 months after the vintage.

Our philosophy.

Croix de Labrie vineyard

The quintessence

There are treasures that are discovered only as confidential or almost. Jewels in their prestigious setting, the Saint-Emilion Château Croix de Labrie beverages are an exception, those who marvel he palate and let an indelible impression. Axelle & Pierre Courdurié, winemakers and owners, have the passion and talent of those who, with infinite accuracy, express their wines by the depth and richness of the soils.

Croix de Labrie grape

Grand Cru vineyard and garden,
a fact much appreciated.

In the early 90s, was born the term "garagist wine", which refers to the precision with humor and great wines of Saint-Émilion products in small quantities "in a garage instead of a chai" ... the art excellence through caring for the vineyard and winery, without drastic measures. Classified Grand Cru Château Croix de Labrie is one of them, praised by top critics, perhaps the biggest of the small most prestigious areas. A longtime wines connoisseur from France and the World, Pierre Courdurié likes to say of his domain he is led in the manner of small areas of Burgundy. Here is the whole logic of dominant soil. Saint-Émilion? Better than this! 5.78 ha of farming does not make a great wine, but three. Parcels of land of Badon, near Pavie, and on the plateau of Saint-Christophe des Bardes, born the jewel of the area: the Château Croix de Labrie Grand Cru. Varietal 90% merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Cabernet Franc and better 12000 bottles per year. La Chapelle de Labrie (3-5000 bottles per year) from plots of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens. Where Cabernet Franc blends with the majority of Merlot. Same grapes, and about 6000 bottles, depending on the year, Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie produced.

Croix de Labrie vine

Finesse and elegance, femininity also ...
Women winemaker!

Axelle Courdurié is the alchemist field. Since the 90s, his passion for wine has led to an understanding of increasingly pointed their secrets to Château Croix de Labrie where she can express her talent in wines of rare elegance and popular delicacy. "Talented woman," says Pierre Courdurié, but talent as an expert. The epitome of fruit and terroir, a total quest at all times. Here is sought the perfect ripeness of the grapes in the vineyards, gardens conducted in sustainable agriculture. Handpicking, fragmented and traditional vinification in vats and oak barrels (French oak) ... and that's rare and beautiful microcuvées impressive and truly magnificent result. Enjoy it en primeur ... or 15 years later! The flavors? It is your own opinion, but the greatness and freshness of Château Croix de Labrie takes on a special meaning with a Bresse chicken, grilled meats, or Rossini Tournedos, cheese. Château Croix de Labrie, Chapel Labrie, Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie ... wonderful Saint-Émilion highly sought after, the area offers direct sales from the Chateau and in your best wine stores.

Our wines

The range.

Château Croix de Labrie
2016 Vintage
Thomas Boxberger : 97 Points
Jancis Robinson : 17.5/20 95 Pts
Jean-Marc Quarin : 97 Points
James Suckling : 96 Points

Château Croix de Labrie
AOC Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Château Croix de Labrie (90 % Merlot 7% Cabernet Sauvignon 3% Cabernet Franc) produces about 850 to 1000 cs, Chapelle de Labrie around 500 cs and Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie around 800 cs depending on the vintage.

Château Croix de Labrie, classified Grand Cru, is part of the Grand Vin de Bordeaux and is now considered as one of the rarest and one of the great wines of Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion with Ausone, Angelus, Cheval Blanc, Canon, La Mondotte, Pavie, Valandraud.

Rare and unique wines of Château Croix de Labrie are rich, dense, very fruity, with perfect ripeness. A very elegant very deep color, with lots of finesse. An ability to age for more than 15 years, but in his youth Croix de Labrie brings a lot of power, balance and freshness.

Chapelle de Labrie
2016 Vintage
James Suckling : 94 Points

Chapelle de Labrie
AOC Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

The wines from Chapelle de Labrie are from our young vines, mainly from Saint-Sulpice terroir.

A blend of 90% Merlot, bringing elegance, roundness and plum, and 10% Cabernet for the red fruits and freshness.

Aged in French oak barrel during 16 to 18 months. Chapelle de Labrie will match red meats, poultry, duck confit, cheese.

Les Hauts de Labrie
2016 Vintage
James Suckling : 94 Points

Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie
AOC Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie are from young vines from several plots in Saint-Émilion terroirs.

With 85% Merlot imparts rowdiness, elegance, plum, while the 15% Cabernet Franc brings white spices, cassis and a superb freshness.

Aged in French oak barrel during an average of 14 months with 50% new oak barrel and 50% of one year old. Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie will match with red meats, poultry, lamb, cheese.

Camille de Labrie
2016 Vintage
James Suckling : 91 Points

Camille de Labrie
AOC Bordeaux

Camille de Labrie is the name of our daughter who also designed the label.

With our wine, we want to share with you the conviviality and our working philosophy.

Aged during 16 months, with 10 months in barrel, Camille de Labrie offers floral notes, raspberry and cassis, with a beautiful structure, finesse and elegance.

80% Merlot et 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.


Château Croix de Labrie in motion.

James Suckling 2019 Barrel Tasting

James Suckling
2019 barrels tasting

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Un vignoble jardin

Croix de Labrie
A garden vineyard

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La vie de château
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Château Croix de Labrie

Jean-Marc Quarin : 18/20 - 96 Points

Depuis le superbe 2013, Axelle et Pierre Courdurié ne cessent de me surprendre ! Ils proposent un vin au profil gustatif très différent dans le paysage de Saint-Emilion. Couleur sombre, intense, aux reflets noirs. Nez très aromatique, fin, fruité et truffé. Moelleux à l’attaque et plus encore gras dès le milieu, avec beaucoup de goût, le vin fond au palais, riche, généreux, tout en s’étirant sur un corps droit. Très longue finale sèveuse sur un des grains de tannins les plus fins jamais vus ici. C’est délicieux et particulièrement sapide dès maintenant. Assemblage : 97 % merlot, 3 % cabernet sauvignon. Rendement : 30 hl/ha. 2028 – 2060.

Thomas Boxberger-von Schaabner Weinwisser-on The 2019 : 95-97 Points

Der Croix de Labrie kommt von 4,2 Hektar in verschiedenen Lagen bei St -Christophe des Bardes und unterhalb der Côte Pavie bei Pavie Er besteht aus 97% Merlot, der am 20 September geerntet und 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, der am 2 Oktober gelesen wurde Das Durchschnittsalter liegt bei 50 Jahren, einige Cabernets sind 100 Jahre alt Die biodynamische Weinbergsarbeit folgt einem burgundischen Ansatz ebenso die Vinifikation und Ausbau mit 5 Tagen Kaltmazeration bei 6° C, Untertauchen des Tresterhutes per Hand und wenig Bewegung beim Ausbau in 100% neuen Barriques von 5 verschiedenen Tonnellerien Superdichte, hochviskose Farbe, massiv, ganz dunkel, fast schwarz Hochkonzentriert, dunkelbeerig, mit feinem, leicht medizinalem Holzton im Geruch Graphit, Teer und schwarze Schokolade schwingen in der likörigen Kopfnote mit, sehr tief und geschliffen, Blaubeerenkonzentrat, fleischige, kirschige Fülle, mit feinstem, holzigem Schmelz Unglaublich feingleidrig, engmaschig, dicht, konzentriert und voluminös, ist der Croix de Labrie zu einem großen Ganzen zusammengefügt Perfekt balanciert, sehr vielschichig, extrem weit gefasst und ausgewogen Mit etwas konfierter Orangenschale am Zungenrand und seiner sehr geschliffenen Struktur wirkt er ein wenig untypisch für einen St -Emilion Vielmehr wirkt er wie ein Wein aus einer anderen Welt, mit grandioser, feinkörniger Gerbstoffstruktur und traumhafter Balance So erinnert er ein wenig an Dominus, der auch nicht typisch kalifornisch, sondern eher europäisch erscheint 2019 ist ein sehr guter Croix de Labrie, der mit großer Feinkörnigkeit und ausgezeichneter Länge einen großen Rahmen bedient 14,5% Alkohol 14 000 Flaschen.

Izak Litwar : 96+ Points

Croix de Labrie - 97% Merlot + 3% Cabernet Sauvignon This wine or should I call it baby wine started a bit mute but after 15 minutes in a carafe, it turned afterburners on! Deep and intense nose of black fruit (blueberries/blackberries with great flair, concentrated and seamless on the palate Voluminous with great complexity and long fruity finish Seamless so you can’t feel the tannin Alcohol? Where is it? Completely «eaten» or packed in or integrated/masked by fruit This is very, very impressive effort indeed!

James Suckling : 97-98 Points

This is really special and intense, showing incredible energy and brightness with perfumes that just jump out. Full body and incredible length. Changes all the time. So complex. Notes of iron, too. Love this. 97% merlot with cabernet sauvignon.

Yves Beck : 94-95 Points

Pourpre violacé. Que d’intensité et de pluralité dans ce bouquet ! Il révèle bien son élevage mais ce dernier cède rapidement la place à des notes de baies noires et d’épices, suivie d’une typique touche crayeuse. C’est en bouche que Croix-de-Labrie se révèle le mieux. Il a de la race, du tempérament et est doté de tannins fins qui gagnent en dimension et en intensité le long du palais. La structure confère de la tension et soutient l’expression aromatique jusqu’en fin de bouche. Finale fruitée et persistante. Un vin qui parvient à créer la symbiose entre élégance, puissance et tempérament. 2024-2039.

Jeff Leve - The Wine Cellar Insider : 95-97 Points

Tasting the first of many 2019 Bordeaux wines in my home office. The first samples are starting to roll in. I cannot wait to dig into this new vintage! I am ready Bordeaux for more. Bring on the samples!!! 2019 Croix de Labrie, the first of many 2019 Bordeaux to be tasted. 2019 Croix de Labrie - Inky dark purple in color, you know this is intense from the moment the wine hits your glass. Chocolate, vanilla, blackberry, blueberry, smoke, flowers, licorice, and raspberry notes take no effort to find. There is good lift, loads of crushed rocks, opulent, velvety textures, and layer after layer of chocolate-covered black cherries. This could be the best wine yet from Croix de Labrie! The wine is a blend of 97% Merlot and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14.5% alcohol.

Tom Mullen : A River Of Splendor Here

Virtual En Primeurs And Wine Tastings Have Taken Off «This 90/10 blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from winemakers Axelle and Pierre Courdurié is produced organically A lively garden of energetic aromas and juicy fruits—including boysenberries, blueberries, cocoa powder, eucalyptus and nettle In the mouth, this is a barking farmyard of flavors—think gooseberries, mint, eucalyptus, licorice, chocolate and cream all embedded in a fiery, joyful matrix A river of splendor here.

Vert de Vin : 98-99 Points

Le nez est élégant, frais, fruité, envoutant et offre une belle complexité, une belle finesse de la texture/du grain ainsi qu’une très jolie délicatesse et puissance On y retrouve des notes de mûre de Boysen, de fruits bleus sauvages mûrs et plus légèrement de fraise des bois charnue associées à de fines touches de fleurs (violette, bleuet, une subtile pointe d’iris), à des pointes de tabac, à de fines pointes de réglisse mentholé ainsi qu’à de discrètes pointes d’épices et de poivre de Sichuan Un vin « multi-couche » qui demande du travail en verre pour se révéler. La bouche est fruitée, minérale, fraiche, équilibrée et offre une jolie définition/précision/finesse, de la gourmandise, un joli touché/texture, de la complexité, de la tension, une jolie finesse de la structure, de la puissance tout en finesse, un très joli fruit charnu/juteux, une trame minérale / finement acidulée ainsi qu’un joli grain fin et très discrètement serrée Très belle puissance tout en finesse En bouche ce vin exprime des notes de mûre charnue, de cassis charnu et plus légèrement de fruits bleus associées à des touches de bleuet, de chocolat, de caramélisation et à de très discrètes pointes de toasté. Très joli grain en fin de bouche/persistance. Bonne longueur et belle persistance. Présence de fines pointes de chocolat, de caramélisation et d’amande concassée sur la persistance.

Thomas Boxberger : 95-97 Points

The Croix de Labrie is one of the emerging wines in Saint-Emilion. Axelle Courdurié and her husband Pierre put all the energy and passion to continuously improve their wine. Since the year 2018, Croix de Labrie has been certified organic, the loss due to mildew was a whopping 40%, the yield was 25 hl per hectare. The vines are on average 50 years old, harvested on 28 September. Part of the plantations are below Pavie, part of Saint-Laurent-des-Combes and the rest of the estate near Saint- Christophe-des-Bardes. The 2018er Croix de Labrie consists of 96% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc and 1% Cabernet Sauvignon (Prowein 90M, 7CS, 3CF), which is matured in 100% new Barrels and Tonneaux. Black, purple color. Dark berry, very fresh and deep in the scent. Grandiose depth in the mouth, with the striking freshness of the limestone plateau, intense and liqueur, dark berry and fresh, without overripe or clumsy sweetness. Deep and multi-faceted, enormously concentrated, long and racy, with fine Cabernet reflections in the rear and a grandiose pull on the palate. If you do not already know Croix de Labrie, you should try it soon!

The Wine Cellar Insider (Jeff Leve) : 94-96 Points

Black plum liqueur, clay, smoke, licorice and spice are all over the place. Concentrated and quite sexy, the wine is polished, sensuous velvety and stony. The fruit on the palate runs the gamut from black to blue to red. The wine shows more minerality and tension due to the inclusion of fruit from recently new vineyards on top of the plateau with asteries limestones. Made from 90% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, it reached 14.2% alcohol. This is the second vintage for Hubert de Bouard as the consultant for Croix de Labrie.

Paolo Basso : 95 Points

Joli nez expressif ou le fruité de baies des bois mûres se mêlent aux arômes d’épices douces, de cacao et de thé au jasmin Riche et puissant, il affiche une entrée en bouche assez flatteuse et séduisante par sa belle sucrosité Le milieu de bouche est très fin et élégant avec un style tout en dentelle, les tanins sont fermes et la finale de belle persistance (avec une pointe de sècheresse apportée par la jeunesse et la phase d’élevage) Vin qui exprime de l’élégance et de la classe tout en ayant une structure solide. 2025-2040.

Jeb Dunnuck : 93-95 Points

I loved the 2018 Château Croix de Labrie, another terrific wine from winemaker Axelle Courdurié. Based on 90% Merlot and the rest Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, brought up in new oak, its deep purple color is followed by ripe, powerful notes of cassis, spice box, toasty oak, and earth. It has a great mid-palate, ripe, polished tannins, and a great finish, all making for a brilliant looking Saint-Émilion.

Andre Kunz / Bordeaux Total Rene Gabriel : 17/20

2018 Croix de Labrie: (90% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Cabernet Franc) Breites, marmeladiges, süsses Bouquet, Brombeerkonfitüre, Kirschenkompott, Caramel, Moccacreme, Pfeffer. Üppiger, kräftiger Gaumen mit süsser Frucht, sandigem Tannin, kerniger, breiter Struktur, süsser Aromatik, guter Frucht, trocknender Abgang. 2024 - 2036.

Bettane & Desseauve : 93 Points

Ce cru expressif, au tannin enveloppant, produit aujourd’hui l’un des meilleurs vins du secteur Grande réussite pour ce cru à l’attaque ample et à la profondeur épicée, doté d’une jutosité de fruit qui irrigue parfaitement une finale montante bien construite.

Decanter (Jane Anson) : 93 Points

This is a vibrant damson colour, exhibiting extremely polished, dense fruit flavours. The oak is apparent, walking a halfway house between old and new styles of St-Emilion. It’s full of crushed brambly fruits, chocolate and liquorice, with bulky tannins that don’t try to hide their intent. And yet if you sit with this for a while, the quality comes through in its floral notes and a really pretty, striking upward lift through the finish. An ambitious and impressive wine from Axelle and Pierre Courdurie. It is undergoing organic conversion, and in 2018 they tested playing music to the vines during the growing season. Hubert de Bouard consults as of 2018. Drinking Window 2024 – 2038.

Jean-Marc Quarin : 97 Points

Dans le Top 20 des Bordeaux 2018

Couleur rouge sombre de bonne intensité, belle et pourpre Nez fruité mûr avec une touche de truffe, crémeux et un brin boisé Délicat à l’attaque, fondant au développement, aromatique et subtilement gras, le vin évolue puissant sur un corps plein et droit, juteux et noble vers une grande longueur au goût de framboise C’est superbe avec une expression unique à Saint- Emilion où le velouté s’allie à une énergie joyeuse et très sapide Pourrait voir sa note monter en fin d’élevage Très recommandé Assemblage : 90 % merlot, 7 % cabernet sauvignon, 3 % cabernet franc – Degré d’alcool : 14°5 – pH : 3,46 – Production : 9 000 bouteilles. 2026 – 2045.

James Suckling : 95-96 Points

This could be better than the excellent 2015. Very dense palate of currants, dark chocolate and hazelnuts. Full and velvety yet fresh with a firm texture. The center palate is really impressive. 90 per cent merlot, seven per cent cabernet sauvignon and three per cent cabernet franc.

Yves Beck : 95-96 Points

Pourpre violacé Bouquet élégant, complexe et fin marqué par des notes crayeuses La fraîcheur et le fruit se révèlent également et je ressens des notes de menthe, de mûres et de réglisse Touche épicée Mise en bouche crémeuse et friande Le vin a de la densité, de la race et un très bel équilibre Les tannins sont denses et présentent un grain fin en fin de bouche, là où ils atteignent leur niveau maximal d’intensité Ils ont suffisamment de matière pour être de pair avec la tension calcaire La finale est fruitée, racée et juteuse Je pense que l’élevage a encore un ou deux éléments à régler quant à l’élégance de la fin de bouche mais globalement, Croix de Labrie 2018 est une très grande réussite. 2024-2038.

Jancis Robinson (Julia Harding) : 17/20

Black core with purple rim. Intense aroma of sweet black fruit, more plum and damson than cassis. Rich and powerful on the palate but the firm, compact tannins and oak are fully balanced by the ripe generous fruit. Massive density but remarkably fresh on the palate, especially with this much new oak. Chewy and moreish with a long dry finish. Needs a lot of time even though the tannins are so smooth. 14%. Drink 2024-2032.

Bernard Burtschy : 93-94 Points

La robe est grenat sombre avec un joli nez de fruits rouges Le vin est élégant avec de jolies notes de fruits rouges qui se retrouvent aussi en bouche, le vin possède de la densité, il est relativement tannique, un peu vanillé. Il est élaboré avec 96 % merlot, 3%cabernet-franc et 1 % cabernet-sauvignon et vendangé le 28 septembre avec u rendement de 20 hl/ha.

Terre de Vins (Anne Serres) : 94 Points

Un très beau vin, très gourmand à cœur dans son fruit noir et bleu de myrtille, à la fois juteux et croquant, aux accents épicés de poivre et de genièvre La trame tannique encadre fermement ce cœur généreux et le promet à un développement en profondeur.

Wine Advocate (Lisa Perrotti-Brown) : 92-94 Points

Axelle and Pierre Courdurié’s 50-year-old, 3.79-hectare vineyard consists of a mix of clay and limestone soils, a portion of which are in Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes and another portion of which are located at the foot of the Pavie slope in Saint-Émilion. 2018 yields were just 24 hectoliters per hectare after selection. Aging is to occur in 100% new oak barrels for an anticipated 18 months. The blend is 90% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Cabernet Franc and the wine has 14% alcohol. Deep purple-black colored, the 2018 Croix de Labrie gives up expressive baked black cherries, warm mulberries and plum preserves with kirsch and raspberry tart sparks plus hints of smoked meats, tar and dried herbs. Medium to full-bodied, the palate has lovely freshness and a chewy texture with bags of bright red and black fruit, finishing with an herbal lift.

Le Point (Jacques Dupont) : 15/20

Fruits rouges, gelée de framboise, frais, vif, tendu, gourmand, chaleureux mais équilibré.

Weinwisser : 17/20

Kompottartiges Bouquet mit reifen Pflaumen und Heidelbeeren, dahinter Cassislikör und Veilchen. Am festen Gaumen mit sehr engmaschigem Körper und mürbem Extrakt. Im gebündelten Finale kommt die Frische dem Wein zugute und verleiht ihm eine schöne Länge, ist mit der Extraktion ans Maximum gegangen, Potenzialwertung.

Antonio Galloni (Vinous) : 90-92

The 2018 Croix de Labrie is super-ripe, dense and concentrated. Inky, jammy red fruit, mocha and sweet spice develop in the glass. Unctuous and richly textured to the core, Croix de Labrie shows the riper side of the vintage off to great effect. This is an especially sumptuous, overt style, and yet all the elements are in the right place. Croix de Labrie is 90% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Cabernet Franc. Consulting winemakers Hubert de Boüard and Jean-Philippe Fort are a formidable duo here. Tasted two times.

James Suckling : 96 Points

Blackberries, crushed stones and violets on the nose. Complex and exotic. Full body. Velvety and lightly chewy texture. Deep, dark fruit and a flavorful and intense finish. Great result for a hand-crafted wine. Wow. This is better than the 2016. From biodynamically grown grapes. Better in 2021.

Jancis Robinson : 17/20

Inky crimson. Darkest of fruit and lightly charred. Already well in harmony with juicy freshness and red as well as black fruit. Supple, fragrant and charming. Long, too.

Vert de Vin : 95 Points

The nose is fruity, elegant, gourmand and offers a freshness, richness, a grain, power as well as elegance. It reveals notes of ripe cassis, black- berry and small notes of black cherry associated with ne touches of wild ripe raspberry, ne hints of graphite, violet as well as a discreet hint of cor- n ower, Cuben pepper, cardamom and liquorice. The palate is fruity, juicy, mineral, elegant and offers a beautiful de nition as well as a mineral/ nely acidulous frame. On the palate this wine expresses notes of juicy/ acidulous cassis, juicy/ripe raspberry and small notes of juicy/acidulous blackberry associated with ne hints of violet, liquorice as well as very discreet hints of spices and roasted (in the background/ persistence). A very discreet hint of bitterness of the cocoa on the nish. Good length.

Christer Byklum : 92 Points

Ruby Blueberries and anise, some spices, liquorice, vanilla, rich, coffee notes nose Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, anise, dark fruity, vanilla, spices, needs time to swallow the wood, long.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown (Wine Advocate) : 90-92 Points

Deep garnet-purple colored, the 2017 Croix de Labrie is scented of baked blackberries, black cherry compote and warm plums with an earthy undercurrent and a waft of Indian spices. Medium to full-bodied, it has a firm frame of grainy tannins and a refreshing line supporting the earthy layers, finishing on a black truffle note.

Jean-Marc Quarin : 95-96 Points

Le millésime offre un charme inédit et se montre déjà très facile d’accès Le nec plus ultra est de trouver des vins qui ajoutent un peu plus de puissance à ce déroulé Je note encore que ce millésime ne s’effondre pas à la décantation Au contraire, certains vins en bénéficient pleinement Je pense à cet instant à Pontet Canet noté 17 (94) ou Croix de Labrie noté 17,75 (95-96) ou Petrus noté 18,5 (97).

Jeb Dunnuck : 94 Points

This estate continues to fire on all cylinders, and their 2017 Chateau Croix De Labrie is stunning stuff. Loaded with notions of creme de cassis, graphite, crushed violets, chocolate, and a kiss of classic Saint-Emilion minerality, it hits the palate with full-bodied richness, polished tannins, a stacked mid-palate, and a great finish. It’s another killer wine from this tiny, family-run estate that readers should snatch up. I suspect it will be even better with 2-4 years of bottle age and cruise for two decades.

Yves Beck : 93 Points

Bouquet complexe, de bonne intensité, alliant des notes fruitées (cassis, myrtilles) et épicées Je remarque également une touche de fèves de cacao et de bois de réglisse En bouche le vin est friand et crémeux en attaque Les tannins sont élégants, bien intégrés, tandis que la structure est vive et assure une tension rafraîchissante Finale fruitée et persistante Une belle réussite. 2022-2032.

Antonio Galloni (Vinous) : 93 Points

The 2017 Croix de Labrie has turned out beautifully. Rich and ample on the palate, the 2017 possesses notable depth and textural resonance from start to finish Red cherry, raspberry jam, pomegranate, dried herbs, tobacco, incense and blood orange all meld together in a rich, creamy Saint-Émilion loaded with personality. This is such a gorgeous wine. Tasted two times.

Paolo Basso : 98 Points
Very distinguished

" Beautiful, very refined nose with scents of cocoa, spices, vanilla, black cherries and licorice. Very distinguished. Mouth of an exceptional breed with an attack at once imposing and refined, dense and compact with a lot of depth and flavors that bring style to the palate. The tannins are rich and very refined, of a perfect maturity. Endless finale that reveals flavors, intensity and power. Exceptional wine. 2022-2040. "

Neal Martin (Vinous) : 92 Points
Pure et Generous

" The 2016 Croix de Labrie has a lovely, pure, generous bouquet of black cherries, cassis and light violet aromas that maintain admirable control and focus. The palate is medium-bodied with fine-grained tannin, good structure and a superb line of acidity. This is one of the best wines I have tasted from Croix de Labrie. Excellent. "

Wine Advocate : 92 Points
Black fruits, touches of pressed flowers

" The 2016 Croix de Labrie comes from vines down the slope from Pavie on clay and chalk soils, plus a vein of shale. It is a bend of 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon that is 100 years old, from 2,5 hectares in total. One-fifth of the crop is fermented in 500-litrr barrels. It is 14.39% alcohol and with an IPT of 71. It is matured in 100% new oak (500-Liter barrels). It has a simple bouquet with pretty black fruit, touches of pressed flowers, just a hint of vanilla. The palate is medium-bodied with a light grip on the entry, tobacco-tinged black fruit. There is a good level of acidity here, quite structured but with a slightly abrupt finish. It should flesh out a little during its barrel maturation and it actually improved when I returned to the glass after 40 minutes. "

Jancis Robinson : 95 Points - 17.5/20
Very successful

" Deep, dark crimson. Colour right out to the rim. Intense but lively nose. Very ripe and luscious but with energy. Great stuff! Really very accomplished. Obviously very carefully made - essence of the appellation with dried but not drying fruit character and lots of luscious plumminess. Masses of tannin almost completely hidden by the dramatic but precise fruit. Very successful. Drink 2025 - 2042. Among the Top 5 in Saint - Emilion on 122 wines tasted. "

René Gabriel : 96 points - 18/20
Creamy structure

" Chubby, wide, sweet bouquet, blackberries, black cherries, caramel cream, chocolate, mocha.Concentrated, powerful palate with sweet, lush fruit, bullish, creamy structure, very much tannin, lush, sweet aromatics, broad finish. "

Yves Beck : 95 Points

" Deep purple. A complex bouquet with notes of cherries, blueberry, liquorice and smoked bacon. After airing, the wine presents peppery notes with a beautiful mineral touch of limestone. Elegant, fruity and fresh in the mouth. A compact body but still creamy and balanced. Tannins appear slowly, there are thin and in symbiosis with the structure. The fruit is present within the delicate and persistent final. "

Jean-Marc Quarin : 97 points
The best ever

" The most velvety vintage in Saint-Emilion. How not to think of Le Pin in Pomerol ? "

The Wine Cellar Insider : 93-95 points

" Quite floral, with truffle, licorice, cocoa, black cherry, smoke and plum notes. The plush, polished, supple textured wine blends freshness with juicy, ripe, soft fruits. The wine is made from a blend of 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon , reaching 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.49. "

Bernard Burtschy : 16

" Tout comme en 2015, le vin est fortement coloré avec des arômes épicés et boisés. Le vin est souple et ample, boisé, suave, avec des tannins bien présents, mais l’ensemble est bien enveloppé avec un équilibre supérieur au 2015 grâce à un soupçon de fraîcheur. Belle réussite. Il a été élaboré avec 92 % de merlot et 8 % de cabernet-sauvignon et il titre 14,5 °. 3-10 ans. "

The Wine Patriot : 96+ points
+ 3 cases of 6 of the best success

" Violet, black cherry, redcurrant, spices, fresh attack, balanced mouth, creamy and silky, elegant and long final with a blueberry, violet and liquorice retro-olfaction. "

Bettane & Desseauve : 92 points

" Juicy and rolling tannins. We like the fleshy in the mouth and the spicy depth. A crooner style with a perfect freshness during the final. "

James Suckling : 96 points
On the Top of Bordeaux 2016 Vintage

" This shows so much violet and dark-berry character on the nose. So enticing. Full-bodied with chewy and polished tannins, blackberries and eucalyptus and a light, menthol note to finish. A rich yet touching wine. Try after 2023. "

Jeb Dunnuck : 93+
Le meilleur 2016

" The top wine is the 2016 Château Croix de Labrie, a blend of 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon that was raised all in new barrels. It offers additional richness and depth, with awesome notes of crème de cassis, spicy oak, licorice, and some chocolate all emerging from the glass. Medium to full-bodied and nicely textured, with ripe tannins, it’s going to benefit from short-term cellaring and see its 20th birthday in fine form. "

Vert de Vin : 95 points
Power and Finesse

" The nose is elegant and offers power, finesse, subtlely and a small frank/ straight. It reveals notes of cassis, blackberry and small notes of crushed red berries associated with discreet hints of spices, cardamom, a very discreet hint of blueberry as well as very discreet hints of tonka bean and an imperceptible hint of Sichuan pepper. The palate is silky, well-balanced, very discretly tight, precise, elegant, chiseled, and offers a beautiful finesse delicacysubtletly, a beautiful finesse. "

Alexandre Ma : 95-96 points

" Beautiful purple appearance, nose is rich, complex but surprisedly fresh and elegant, which shows dark fruits, black chocolate and red flowers like violet. Palate is delicious and gourmet with highly concentrated tannins having excellent creamy texture. Finish is extremely long with freshness, high quality tannins and perfect concentration. "

Thomas Boxberger : 95-97 points
Among the best in St Emilion»

" Axelle and Pierre Courdurié continue their progress at the small estate Croix de Labrie. This year, it is one of the 13 best wines from Saint Emilon ! The Croix de Labrie was harvested from 2nd to 16th October and consists of 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% were fermented in new 500 liters tonneaux, the rest in tank a maximum of 26°C, ageing takes place in 100% new barrels. Solid black color. Wide, deep bouquet with enormous fullness, ripened fruit aromas, big sweetness with liqueuric head note in the nose and a fresh, crunchy red berry component, fine scents of wood in it, very intense smell. Widely spread on the palate, with a very natural mouth-feeling and full body, it bursts a deep chocolate-cherry structure, with fine acidity and good tension, as well as polished, long tannins. Long, sweet back aroma with power and meaty richness, very spicy and potent. Despite its larhe volume and viscous texture, it is light-footed and elegant at the same time. An impressive, deep Croix de Labrie with feminine delicacy and gripping intense fruit driven flavours. "

Antonio Galloni : 91 points
Luscious et intense

" The 2016 Croix de Labrie is a luscious, intense wine. Dark red cherry, chocolate, espresso and spice all flesh out in a deep, resonant Saint Émilion endowed with notable personality. This is very nicely done. Croix de Labrie emerges from a 3.58 hectare parcel in Saint Émilion’s Saint Christophe des Bardes district. "

Jeff Leve : 94-96 points
Floral and polished

" Quite floral, with truffle, licorice, cocoa, black cherry, smoke and plum notes. The plush, polished, supple textured wine blends freshness with juicy, ripe, soft fruits. The wine is made from a blend of 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, reaching 14,5% alcohol with pH of 3,49. "

Andreas Larsson : 95 Points

Wine Advocate Neal Martin : 93 Points

" The 2015 Croix de Labrie has a very precise bouquet, pure black cherry and cassis fruit with well-integrated new oak that lifts beautifully from the glass. The palate is medium-bodied with fine, supple tannin, quite modern in style but with a very attractive silky texture, and retaining sufficient freshness and brightness on the seductive black cherry and kirsch finish. Give it 4-5 years in ottle, if you can resist. "

Jeb Dunnuck : 94 Points
It's a beauty

" A standout Saint-Emilion in my tastings was the 2015 Croix de Labrie from proprietors Axelle and Pierre Courdurié and it’s a wine savvy readers should snatch up. Made from 100% Merlot it boasts an awesome nose of crème de cassis and black raspberry fruit intermixed with hints of toasty oak and espresso. With medium to full-bodied depth and richness on the palate, ripe tannin, and a great id-palate, it needs 3-4 years of bottle age to integrate its oak and gain complexity, and will keep for upwards of two decades. It’s a beauty! "

Antonio Galloni, Vinous : Bold and intense

" The 2015 Croix de Labrie is bold and intense, but also a bit rough around the edges, especially in its tannins. There is good depth to the plummy red fruit flavors but the alcohol is slightly out of balance and the contours need more polish. Still, there appears to be good underlying potential. "

Jeff Leve : 93-92 Points

" Deep in color with chocolate mint, licorice, spicy black cherries and a hint of truffle on the nose, this wine tastes like a blend of black cherry liqueur and dark chocolate. Silky in nature with the structure to evolve, this is a very nice vintage for Croix de Labrie. The wine is made from 100% Merlot and reached 14% alcohol. "

Andreas Larsson : 95 Points

" Château Croix de Labrie is really pure hedonistic and superb estate made by a true woman winemaker Axelle Courdurié. "

Lisa Perrotti-Brown (Wine Advocate) : 92 Points
On the 2015 - Top 100 : Voluptuous

" Composed of 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged in 100% new oak barrels for 18 months, the 2015 Croix de Labrie is medium to deep garnet in color with aromas of earth, cedar and yeast extract over a core of red and black cherries, wild blueberries and lavender. The mouth is big, rich and voluptuous with some chew to the tannins and plenty of freshness to lift the weighty finish. "

Thomas Boxberger : 96/94 Points

René Gabriel : 18/20

Robert Parker : 96 Points

" Always one of the sexiest wines from Bordeaux, and probably best drunk in its first decade of life, this hedonistic fruit-bomb offers up oodles of jammy black cherry and black currant fruit interwoven with some floral notes, subtle oak, lead pencil shavings and a bit of toast. Voluptuous, full-bodied and silky smooth, with no aggressiveness, the tannins seem to melt on the palate, while the finish is long, supple and extravagant. Drink it over the next decade. "

James Suckling : 96 Points
This is fabulous

" This is fabulous with incredible depth and power. Full and very velvety textured. Great ripe tannins. Very polished and textured. Sexy. Made from only one hectare. Pure Merlot. "

Jean-Marc Quarin : 94 Points
My best score for this wine in primeur

" My best score for this wine en primeur. Since 2013, this wine has displayed one of the loveliest mouthfeels in Saint-Emilion. I’ve tasted it four times with blends varying between 90 and 100% Merlot and it has maintained the same score. Outstanding dark colour and a pure nose of ripe fruit. But the real difference is on the palate, where it combines a smooth taste with a big build, classy texture, gusto and fine tannins. The whole is elegantly creamy and delicately fragrant with no sharpness. Its long and attractive. Especially intense enjoyment factor. "

Yves Beck : 95 Points
Among the Top 100 Best Bordeaux 2015

" 95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. Purple with garnet reflections. Juvenile bouquet revealing notes of cocoa beans, liquorice, black fruits such as blueberries and prunes. At aeration the nose gains in character and precision. I note notes of chalk and mint. At the palace, the body has size and race. This Croix de Labrie is endowed with a lively tension which gives it crunchy and which supports well the fruit at the end of mouth. The tannins are perfectly coated and reveal themselves slowly. Mineral notes at the end of the mouth, persistent finish. A very nice success with excellent"

Wine Spectator : 92 Points

" This shows the ripeness of the vintage, with dark plum, fig and boysenberry fruit carried by hefty but polished tannins. There’s ample toast, but the fruit can handle it. "

The Wine Cellar Insider : 93 Points

" Deep in color with chocolate mint, licorice, spicy black cherries and a hint of truffle on the nose, this wine tastes like a blend of black cherry liqueur and dark chocolate. Silky in nature with the structure to evolve, this is a very nice vintage for Croix de Labrie. The wine is made from 100% Merlot and reached 14% alcohol. "

Jancis Robinson : 17/20 94 Pts

" Dark crimson. Sweet and polished with some oak in evidence. Very sweet start and just not over the top. Well bought! This should satisfy many palates for its voluptuousness. Chapeau, Messrs Thunevin and Rolland! Pretty alcoholic but fun. "

Terre des Vins : Coup de cœur

" Alerte à la bombe ! Ce Saint-Emilion [...] subjugue avec son nez intense, fruit noir, réglisse, eucalyptus. Un merlot haut de gamme, pomerolesque à souhait. Avec une joue de boeuf braisée. "

The Wine Cellar Insider : 93/91

" Chocolate, licorice and truffle accents with a soft, fresh, polished, black cherry personality and plush, supple textures that are available from the get-go. "

Guide Hachette des Vins 2018 : 1 star

" A good classic created from the unique, colourful and expressive Merlot (raspberry, red currant, spice, tobacco), round and fleshy in the mouth, hold by promising tannins. "

James Suckling : 94 Points

" A very pretty and refined red with dark berries, violets, eucalyptus and currants. Medium to full body, fine tannins and a beautiful finish. Drink after 2020. "

Wine Advocate Neal Martin : 91 Points

" The Château Croix de Labrie 2014 is more tightly wound on the nose with blueberry jam and fresh prune coming through with aeration. The palate is sweet and rounded on the entry with thickly-layered ripe black and red fruit offset with a pleasant salinity on the finish. It will need more bottle age and perhaps a little more persistence, but one can already appreciate the focus here. Sure, it’s an opulent, extravagant Saint-Emilion wine from Axelle Courdurie, but one of the better of its type. "

Jeff Leve : 93 Points

James Suckling : 94 Points

Jean-Marc Quarin : 15/20

James Suckling : 92 Points

" This is a very pretty 2013 with berries and hints of walnuts and chocolate. Medium body and polished tannins. Shows excellence for the vintage. Drink or hold. "

Alain Lebel (Fidèles de Bacchus - Canada) : 93 Points

" It has been a long time since a wine has touched me as much as this. 2013 in the beginning was certainly not the greatest of vintages, but today Château Croix de Labrie tastes admirable and still has a future full of flavoursome promise. Made by Axelle and Pierre Courdurié, this wine is evolving brilliantly and is amongst the front-runners of the best Bordeaux wines of this vintage. It is very refined, superbly complex and incredibly deep with impressive elegance and purity. Very intense on the nose with aromas reminiscent of raspberry, blackcurrant, black cherry and coffee, enhanced by perfectly blended-in woody notes and a hint of graphite. On the palate, it has an appealing velvety texture and is lovely and big. Magnificent finish that lingers for ever "

Wine Advocate - Neal Martin : 91-89 Points

" The Croix de Labrie 2013 has a fragrant bouquet with succulent ripe red berry fruit laced with cassis and vanilla. The palate is medium-bodied with slightly «stringy» tannins, but the acidity is well judged and the new oak deftly integrated towards the pointed finish. Tasted April 2014. "

Decanter : 16/20
Attractive fruit

" New ownership. Attractive fruit. Fleshy but fresh. Delicate but ripe tannins. "

Jean-Marc Quarin : 16/20 - 90/100 Points

" This is Axelle and Pierre Courdurié’s first full vintage. This wine has developed so very well since the primeurs and has even become a major success of this vintage. Don’t be afraid to decant it. The nose is intense and fruity with a hint of honey and raspberry. It has a refined mouthfeel, but is not at all lacking in structure or body. It has a lovely flavoursome finish with no sharpness. Lots of enjoyment and above all a renewal. "
Potential score : 15 | Enjoyment score : 15 "It has been a long time since I have tasted this wine to be so good! The estate has just been taken over by Axelle Coudurié in September 2013. The purity of the fruit and the refined mouthfeel are promising. Needs following up"

René Gabriel : 17/20 Points
Buy it!

" A small and tiny harvest. Only 6.5 hl/ha have been harvested to make 4 barrels, new French oak, and to Dark garnet, thicker in the middle and ruby red edge. The nose is elegant and finely spiced, perennial cassis, a touch of blueberry, more delicate and less concentrated than before under the former owner. On the palate, juicy, elegant, long finish with good tannins. For once there is no need for years to please, you can start in the next three years to drink to enjoy it. Mathematical side, there will be many more readers than gourmands who will be able to enjoy it. Buy it! 2016-2028 "

The Wine Cellar Insider : 90-88 Points

James Suckling : 92 Points

" Soft and sexy with lovely chocolate, berries and hints of hazelnut in the nose and palate. Medium body and round, delicious tannins. Drink now. »

The Wine Cellar Insider : 93 Points

" This medium bodied wine is forward, round, soft and sweet. "

Jean-Marc Quarin : 15.5/20 Points

Robert Parker :

" Always one of Bordeaux’s most endearing and charming wines, Croix de Labrie’s wines generally offer an unctuous texture as well as enormous quantities of fruit. Made from 100% Merlot, the 2009 (about 300 cases produced) exhibits smoky black currant and raspberry liqueur notes intermixed with notions of licorice, graphite and wood smoke. Intense and unctuously textured with low acidity as well as sweet tannin, it is a hedonistic Saint-Emilion fruit bomb to enjoy in its first 12-15 years of life. Sadly, it is virtually impossible to find this headturning claret. "
« It’s too bad there are only 300 or so cases of this wine, made from 100% Merlot. I just had a bottle of the 2000, which was an off-the-chart, awesome wine with sumptuous texture. »

Robert Parker :

" A terrific garage operation that has been producing outstanding wines over recent vintages, this dense purple-colored 2003 is tighter-knit than usual, but reveals tremendously pure, rich, creme de cassis-like aromas and flavors along with hints of melted licorice, chocolate, and espresso. Opulent and voluptuous, with great purity, low acidity, and heady alcohol, this is a seductive claret to drink over the next 10-12 years. "

Robert Parker :

" Even more impressive from bottle than barrel, the 2000 Croix de Labrie is sumptuous. A sensational effort, there are only 9,000 bottles of the big, blockbuster 2000. It boasts superb purity along with the essence of cassis and black cherry liqueurlike fruit intermixed with graphite, chocolate, espresso, and new oak notes. Sweet, layered, and luxuriously rich, with a wealth of fruit and glycerine, this stunningly full-bodied Saint-Emilion should be drinkable young, yet age nicely for 15+ years. Great stuff! Anticipated maturity: 2006-2020. "

Chapelle de Labrie

James Suckling : 93-94 Points

A tight and linear red with a mineral undertone. firm and silky tannins and a fresh finish. Expands in the mouth. Salty. 90% merlot and 10% cabernet franc. 200 cases made instead of 500.

Jeb Dunnuck : 90 Points

" The second wine of this notable estate is the 2016 Chapelle de Labrie, which has a medium-bodied, elegant, lightly textured profile to go with notes of black currants, spicy oak, and dried flowers. It’s polished, beautifully balanced, and a joy to drink. "

James Suckling : 95 Points

" This is very fine-grained with such beauty and finesse. It seduces you with its polished and lovely fruit. Medium body. Wonderful length. Better after 2023, but already a joy to taste. "

Yves Beck : 90 Points

" Nez filigrane, complexe aux notes minérales et fruitées. Mise en bouche friande. Caractère agréable, équilibré et frais. Un vin agréable que l’on pourra savourer dans sa jeunesse mais qui est doté d’une bonne structure tannique et qui a donc un peu de potentiel. 2020-2028. "

Paolo Basso : 92 Points

" Belle note fumée, laurier, herbes aromatiques, the noir, cannelle. Belle aromatique. Puissant et dense avec une belle profondeur, de corps, acidité qui apporte équilibre bien que la chaleur domine un peu, tanins fermes et de belle structure, finale persistante et intense avec saveurs. Excellent vin de puissance et élégance. "

Neal Martin (Vinous) : 91 Points

" The 2016 Chapelle de Labrie has a generous, pure bouquet of lush red cherry and strawberry fruit, though unlike some of its peers, there is focus and impressive delineation here. The palate is medium-bodied with fine-grained tannin, a smooth texture and a lightly spices, quite persistent, truffle-tinged finish. Excellent. "

James Suckling : 96-95 points

" Another tiny cru of 1.5 hectares shows wonderful depth and mineral character. Full and velvety. So much density and beauty. Chili spice undertones. 80% Merlot and the rest in Cabernet Sauvignon. "

Lisa Perrotti-Brown : 90 points

" Medium garnet colored, the 2015 Chapelle de Labrie has an earthy, meaty, gamey nose with dark fruits and cedar notions plus a hint of sautéed herbs. The medium to full-bodied palate is grainy, earthy and understated in the mouth with a savory finish. "

James Suckling : 90 Pts

" Intense lemon and earth character adds a lot of interest to the ripe blackberry character. The tannins are quite gentle Fresh Second wine of Croix de Labrie. Drink now. "

Guide Hachette 2018 : 2 stars

" This vintage gathers several terroirs. The two Cabernets coupled with Merlot offer a powerful and deep nose of black berries and a hint of toast, with a subtle note of cherry pit. The mouth, as well as the bouquet, is fleshy, dense, tasty and supported by coated tannins that will allow a perfect pairing with character meals. "

Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie

James Suckling : 94 Points

" This is very velvety yet fine-grained and juicy. A medium to full body is the backdrop to flavors of dark chocolate and minerals plus hints of walnut shells. 1.5-hectare vineyard. "

James Suckling : 93 points

" This is a tiny parcel from vineyards planted in stony and sandy soil. Full and soft and gorgeous. Decadent and velvety texture. Menthol and ripe fruit. "

James Suckling : 92 Pts

" This is a floral wine with spice and strawberry character Medium body, bright fruit and citrus and dried strawberries on the aftertaste. Some wood character suggest a year or two would soften the wine. Better in 2020. "

Camille de Labrie

Paolo Basso : 90 Points
(Blanc - Vin de France Chardonnay)

Beau nez moderne aux arômes fruités d’agrumes et fruits tropicaux. CO2 qui apporte fraicheur, belle acidité, sucrosité, joli corps, légers tanins, finale assez longue. Très plaisant. Rapport Qualité/Prix exceptionnel.

James Suckling : 90 Points
(Blanc - Vin de France Chardonnay)

A fun and delicious chardonnay with cooked apples and hints of honey. Creamy and crispy. Full-bodied and delicious already.

James Suckling : 90 Points

Fresh and easy wine with pretty fruit, fine tannins and a clean finish. Nicely done.

Paolo Basso : 87 Points

Nez classique aux arômes fruités de belle maturité : cassis, cerises noires, cannelle, cacao. Chaud et riche à l’attaque avec très belle sucrosité, ensuite évolution rapide, saveurs décroissants, tanins rustiques, finale courte. Beau vin qui séduit à l’attaque. C’est TOP !

James Suckling : 91 points

Fascinating aromas of dark fruits and lime skin follow through to a full body. A focused and intense palate and a long, flavorful finish. Needs a year or two to soften, but already serious. Try in 2019.

James Suckling : 91 points

Pretty black olives and chocolate and plum undertones. Medium to full body, round and soft tannns and a juicy finish. Mostly merlot. Drink now.

Yves Beck : 90 Pts

" Rouge rubis aux reflets grenats. Belle intensité olfactive avec des notes légèrement fumées et beaucoup de fruit. Agréable touche minérale. La mise en bouche confirme les aptitudes du bouquet avec une belle intensité fruitée. Il y a du croquant et de la fraîcheur. Un vin équilibré, juteux, parfaitement équilibré et doté de tannins soyeux. "

Alain Lebel (Canada : Fideles de Bacchus) : 89 Pts

" Le Camille de Labrie c’est une histoire de famille. Une belle et savoureuse histoire. Tout d’abord parce que c’est un couple, Axelle et Pierre Courdurié qui sont propriétaires du domaine. Axelle, est l’alchimiste passionnée qui nous proposedes vins d’une élégance et d’une vérité peu commune même dans cette cuvée produite à partir d’une sélection des meilleurs raisins de l’appellation, ce qui en fait d’office une fière représentante de l’appellation «Bordeaux». De son côté, Pierre voit principalement à la commercialisation, alors que la jeune fille du couple «Camille» a donné son nom à cette cuvée en plus d’y dessiner l’étiquette. Dans cette gamme de prix, c’est l’un des Bordeaux les plus sexy et les mieux faits que j’ai pu déguster ces dernières années. Bien structuré, convivial et tout en finesse, c’est un vin qui donne le goût de boire de bon Bordeaux! "

Croix de Labrie Blanc Stella Solare

James Suckling : 94 Points

A layered and delicious white with an exotic green-papaya and mango character. Medium to full body, bright acidity and a clean finish. No malo. A blend of sauvignon blanc, sauvignon gris and semillon.

James Suckling : 94 Points

This may only be Bordeaux Blanc, but it has a wonderful nose of candied grapefruit, custard and some delicate herb notes. The palate is generous with some textural complexity and it remains lively, in spite of modest acidity. A blend of 70 per cent semillon, 20 per cent sauvignon gris and ten per cent sauvignon blanc, aged in acacia barrels. No malolactic fermentation. Drink now.

Jeff Leve : 90 Pts

" The wine opens with a blend of 60% Semillon . 20% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Sauvignon Gris . The wine is all about the pure, fresh, just squeezed grapefruit, lemon and lime along with its crisp, fresh finish. It's not powerful, nor should it be, but its a nice summery wine with character. "

Paolo Basso : 92 Points

Jaune doré très profond et intense. Nez typique avec des arômes de cire d’abeilles, fruits de la passion, acacia, fleurs blanches et épices douces. Belle bouche dense, fraiche et tendue tout en ayant une belle structure, présence de tanins qui caractérisent la finale en lui apportant une touche plus droite. Finale e belle longueur, avec grande capacité expressive.

James Suckling : 93 Points

" Des notes très marquées de pomme tranchée et de zeste de citron. Moyennement à très corsé, éclatant avec des notes d’ananas tranché. Nuance de miel. Trois barriques seulement. 60 % sémillon et le reste en sauvignon blanc. Vin frais. Culture biologique. "

Regularly noted by Robert Parker :

2016 : 92
2015 : 93
2014 : 91
2013 : 91
2012 : 95-93 Early
2011 : 94-92 Early
2010 : 95 Early
2009 : 95 Early
2008 : 94 Early
2007 : 93 Early
2006 : 94 Early
2005 : 96-94 Early
2004 : 89 Mature
2003 : 93 Mature
2002 : 90 Mature
2001 : 91 Early
2000 : 95 Mature
1999 : 93 Old
1998 : 93

Regularly noted by The Wine Cellar Insider :

2016 : 93-95 Quite floral, with truffle, licorice, cocoa, black cherry, smoke and plum notes. The plush, polished, supple textured wine blends freshness with juicy, ripe, soft fruits. The wine is made from a blend of 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon , reaching 14.5% alcohol with a pH of 3.49.
2015 : 93 Deep in color with chocolate mint, licorice, spicy black cherries and a hint of truffle on the nose, this wine tastes like a blend of black cherry liqueur and dark chocolate. Silky in nature with the structure to evolve, this is a very nice vintage for Croix de Labrie. The wine is made from 100% Merlot and reached 14% alcohol.
2014 : 93-91 Chocolate, licorice and truffle accents with a soft, fresh, polished, black cherry personality and plush, supple textures that are available from the get-go.
2013 : 90-88 Fresh plum, earth and cocoa aromas move to a soft.
2012 : 93 This medium bodied wine is forward, round, soft and sweet.
2011 : 92 Deep purple in color with fresh blackberry, chocolate, coffee and plum aromas.
2010 : 94 A lush, sexy, opulent mouth feel and rich, plummy textures.
2009 : 94 Supple, sensuous and sexy, this forward word is all about pleasure without waiting.
2006 : 90 This vintage produced a more structured style for the Chateau.
2005 : 93 The tannins are elegant and supple.
2001 : 92 Fleshy, flashy and layered with chocolate covered plums, vanilla, truffle and licorice.
2000 : 94 This is a sexy little wine made for hedonists.
1998 : 92 Filled with ripe blackberry, floral, mocha and chocolate notes.


Une maison de charme au coeur d'un vignoble jardin.


La maison d’hôtes de Château Croix de Labrie, située sur les hauteurs de la commune de Saint-Christophe des Bardes, aux portes du village de Saint-Emilion (à 5 min), classé au Patrimoine Mondial de l’UNESCO, datant du XVIIéme siècle, vous accueille au sein de son superbe écrin entourée de son vignoble jardin.

Cette maison de charme offre un cadre paisible et chaleureux dans une douce atmosphère de campagne, alliant avec harmonie authenticité et modernité.

Attenante au chai, elle se compose de deux suites de 30m2, de salles d’eau design, d’une cuisine centrale entièrement équipée, d’une terrasse donnant sur la cour intérieure et le vignoble.

La maison de Château Croix de Labrie est le lieu idéal pour profiter de quelques jours en famille entre amis ou en couple, découvrir le travail de vigneronne d’Axelle et déguster les vins de la propriété.

Fabienne notre maître d’hôte vous accueillera et sera attentive à toutes vos demandes.

Un lieu où bon goût rime avec bien-être.

Mélange de matières, pierres bordelaises, carreaux de ciment, fer forgé, céramique, vieux plateaux de bois gravés, pièces design et vintage, couleurs douces et éclatantes font le charme de ce lieu où il fait bon vivre et séjourner.

A l’image du travail opéré par Axelle Courdurié sur ses vignes, la vigneronne et propriétaire de Château Croix de Labrie, tout a été minutieusement travaillé pour recevoir avec goût et bien-être.

Chacunes de nos suites spacieuses sont toutes équipées d’un lit King size, avec une vue sur le vignoble, coin salon, connexion wifi gratuit, climatisation, TV écran plat, douche italienne, toilettes, dressing, sèche cheveux, support à bagage, linge de maison.

A votre disposition, une cuisine commune entièrement équipée, plaque de cuisson à induction, four, micro-onde, machine Nespresso en libre service, théière, frigo.


Visite & Dégustation

Exclusivement sur rendez-vous Axelle et Pierre Courdurié propriétaire et vignerons se feront un plaisir de vous faire découvrir les vins et terroir de Château Croix de Labrie, avec une visite du chai suivie d’une dégustation.

« Visite du connaisseur » - 1h30 :
Découverte des vignes, travail à la vigne, cycle végétatif, visite du chai + dégustation d’un vin (Chapelle de Labrie) : 20€ par personne.

« Visite de l’amateur » - 2h00 :
Découverte des vignes, travail à la vigne, cycle végétatif, visite du chai + dégustation de deux vins (Croix de Labrie et Chapelle de Labrie) : 40€ par personne.
Visite 8 personnes maximum.
Possibilité d’acheter les vins directement à la boutique.


En semaine et week-end :
225 euros / nuit petit déjeuner inclu.

Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations.

Les Services

Toutes nos chambres sont non-fumeur.
Toute dérogation à cette règle vous sera facturé 100€ par personne.
Arrivées à partir de 15h00 jusqu’à 18h00.
Il vous est demandé de bien vouloir libérer votre suite avant 11h00.
Langues parlées : Français et Anglais.
Nous n’acceptons pas les animaux.
Nous déclinons toute responsabilité en cas de vol ou détérioration de biens personnels pouvant survenir à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de la maison.
Tout objet manquant ou détérioré dans la maison lors du séjour est automatiquement facturé. Une empreinte de carte bancaire sera faite avant chaque séjour.
Les clients doivent veiller à la bonne fermeture de la porte et des fenêtres.
Cartes bancaires : Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Applepay, Googlepay et paypal.


Technical Sheets & Press Pack.

Press Pack
Croix de Labrie

PDF Download
Dossier de Presse
Croix de Labrie

PDF Download
Technical Sheet
Croix de Labrie

Croix de Labrie
Technical Sheet
Chapelle de Labrie

Chapelle de Labrie
Technical Sheet
Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie

Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie
Technical Sheet
Camille de Labrie

Camille de Labrie

About us

Our team

Axelle Courdurié

Axelle Courdurié

Passionate and uncompromising, Axelle brings her expertise to the production of all the wines from Croix de Labrie.
From vine to cellar, from pruning to winemaking, she works daily with one goal: to achieve excellence.

Pierre Courdurié

Pierre Courdurié

Globe Wine Trotter, Pierre travels the world since many years to highlight his partners' wines.
Today winemaker, he accompanied Axelle at the production, and carries the torch of Croix de Labrie wines around the globe.

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